What Can Installing Energy-Efficient Windows Do for My Home?

If you live in an older building or simply haven't replaced your windows in a number of years, chances are window technology has improved greatly since your windows were installed. Your windows might also have deteriorated over time; the frames might be cracked or broken, or certain windows might have gone off-track. Installing new, energy-efficient windows is one of the most rewarding home upgrades, because you'll see an immediate improvement in both the comfort of your home and what you're paying in heating and cooling bills. You'll also see the world outside more clearly through new, beautiful glass.

Window Panes

Most old windows are made from uninsulated single panes of glass, whereas new, energy-efficient windows are insulated and may have two or three panes. That additional glass and insulation will help you with temperature regulation inside, keeping you warm in the winter and cold in the summer by reducing heat transfer.

Certain types of energy-efficient windows can also encourage or discourage the sun's rays from heating your space, depending on whether you hope to bring in warmth or keep it out. Speak to your window contractor about selecting a replacement window brand, model, and features that will maximize your interior comfort year-round-and lower your energy bills.

Window Frames and Weather Stripping

Upgrading your windows doesn't just mean putting in new glass. You might also want or need to replace your window frames and weather stripping. Worn-out or torn weather stripping can allow temperature-regulated air to escape from your home, requiring your heating and air conditioning systems to work harder. Old metal window frames are also not as efficient as newer models. Again, by replacing outdated window components, you're improving your comfort and lowering what you pay to heat and cool your home.

Other Benefits

Energy-efficient windows don't just improve your personal comfort and save you money. They can also protect your furnishings from sunlight that can fade them over time. Certain types of window glass can keep carpet, artwork, upholstered furniture, and wood from deteriorating due to UV exposure. That means by upgrading your windows you're lengthening the life of your interior furnishings and helping your home look its best. Plus, while old windows can give you a cloudy, distorted view of the outside world, new windows will be clear and clean.

There are a variety of window replacement options out there for different situations. Speak to your window contractor about what's best for your home, your geographic location and regional weather, your budget, and your aesthetic needs. With the help of a knowledgeable professional, you'll soon be on your way to having windows that are an asset to your property, inside and out.

Article Source: Oswald Hermit


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  3. I had no idea that windows could have such an effect on the energy efficiency in your home. I really like how you took each part of the window, and talked about how important it is to make sure it is working well. However, after reading this, I am realizing how I really need to change my windows! They are not in the best condition, and I think I could save a lot of money if I were to replace them.