What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Buying A Tubular Daylighting Device (TDD)

While some homeowners may find the term Tubular Daylighting Device cumbersome to say, they certainly have no problem finding the right words when it comes to singing their praises.

Tubular Daylighting Devices, or TDDs, are one of the hottest home design products since the advent of the light bulb more than 100 years ago. They provide a quick, effective and affordable way to naturally brighten any room of the home. The trend toward daylighting spaces with TDDs has actually been two decades in the making, with their popularity now peaking with the "green" movement. Quite simply, power-guzzling, environment-polluting electric lighting is out. And daylighting is in - and here to stay.

Just like with any new household product, there are many facts homeowners should know before purchasing a TDD in order to ensure it is a valuable investment.

15 Energy Saving Tips Your Home Would Like to Tell You

You bought the home and now you're living in it. Here's 15 things your home would have liked to tell you about energy efficiency at home before you moved in. If only homes could talk, they would share some energy efficiency details that you might really like to know.

In the future, I know homes will contain technology that will allow them to become increasingly smart and automated. Someday, your home will be able to tell you when the water heater has been automatically adjusted for temperature and when there are air leaks in the attic that need to be sealed.

Your home will automatically close the drapes on the sunny side of the home in the summer and your home will automatically turn off the TV and the lights when everyone leaves the family room.

Home Energy Audit, Visually Inspect Your Home For Energy Savings

Whether you are a "do-it-yourself" home energy auditor or a seasoned professional, learning about a home from an initial visual inspection is an important tool during the energy audit of your home which can highlight energy saving opportunities. The visual inspection is the first indication of where to look for flaws in the homes construction. Recognizing and understanding construction flaws will allow successful, energy saving retrofits.

The Visual Inspection of a Home Energy Audit

During the visual inspection, important information will be gathered that will help direct your dnergy saving efforts.

1. What construction materials were used.

How To Create A Solar Panel At Home

Is your monthly power bill taking a great percentage of your income? The thing to do is to look at making your own solar panels. The idea of following this method has been escalating around the world especially in the suburbs.

It is the best way economically by making your own solar energy, also the end results in having free electricity. Because of the escalating power bills it is making more sense to reduce this cost. Before we give you the information on building your own PV panels here is some useful to consider.

Number of Energy Units Needed

Solar energy is considered as one of the commonly used renewable sources of energy. The energy you receive from the sun is turned into electrical energy through panels. A tally of the appliances and units that uses electricity can show us how many solar panels to build.