What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Buying A Tubular Daylighting Device (TDD)

While some homeowners may find the term Tubular Daylighting Device cumbersome to say, they certainly have no problem finding the right words when it comes to singing their praises.

Tubular Daylighting Devices, or TDDs, are one of the hottest home design products since the advent of the light bulb more than 100 years ago. They provide a quick, effective and affordable way to naturally brighten any room of the home. The trend toward daylighting spaces with TDDs has actually been two decades in the making, with their popularity now peaking with the "green" movement. Quite simply, power-guzzling, environment-polluting electric lighting is out. And daylighting is in - and here to stay.

Just like with any new household product, there are many facts homeowners should know before purchasing a TDD in order to ensure it is a valuable investment.

15 Energy Saving Tips Your Home Would Like to Tell You

You bought the home and now you're living in it. Here's 15 things your home would have liked to tell you about energy efficiency at home before you moved in. If only homes could talk, they would share some energy efficiency details that you might really like to know.

In the future, I know homes will contain technology that will allow them to become increasingly smart and automated. Someday, your home will be able to tell you when the water heater has been automatically adjusted for temperature and when there are air leaks in the attic that need to be sealed.

Your home will automatically close the drapes on the sunny side of the home in the summer and your home will automatically turn off the TV and the lights when everyone leaves the family room.

Home Energy Audit, Visually Inspect Your Home For Energy Savings

Whether you are a "do-it-yourself" home energy auditor or a seasoned professional, learning about a home from an initial visual inspection is an important tool during the energy audit of your home which can highlight energy saving opportunities. The visual inspection is the first indication of where to look for flaws in the homes construction. Recognizing and understanding construction flaws will allow successful, energy saving retrofits.

The Visual Inspection of a Home Energy Audit

During the visual inspection, important information will be gathered that will help direct your dnergy saving efforts.

1. What construction materials were used.

How To Create A Solar Panel At Home

Is your monthly power bill taking a great percentage of your income? The thing to do is to look at making your own solar panels. The idea of following this method has been escalating around the world especially in the suburbs.

It is the best way economically by making your own solar energy, also the end results in having free electricity. Because of the escalating power bills it is making more sense to reduce this cost. Before we give you the information on building your own PV panels here is some useful to consider.

Number of Energy Units Needed

Solar energy is considered as one of the commonly used renewable sources of energy. The energy you receive from the sun is turned into electrical energy through panels. A tally of the appliances and units that uses electricity can show us how many solar panels to build.

Finding Solar Tiles That Will Meet Your Needs

There are still some homeowners who have no idea that solar tiles are better than photovoltaic panels. Perhaps, it is because such type of energy saving solution can be really expensive. However, spending some time to investigate about solar tiles will eventually make you realize that they are a better option for having a solar-powered home.

Also referred to as PV roofing shingles, solar tiles are actually easy to set up. They are available in a wide range of designs and feature an elegant design which will blend naturally on new and existing roofs.

This post is just brief, sharing some reliable resources and tips that can help you know more about solar tiles.

Anyone Can Learn How to Make a Solar Panel

More and more people have been looking into using solar panels as a way to contend with escalating energy costs. Unfortunately, when they get quoted on a professionally installed system, they get discouraged and never get past the first step in the process. What most people don't realize is there is another option. You can learn how to make a solar panel at home, and it is much easier than you may think.

Anyone who really wants to, can learn how to make a solar panel for their house, their workshop or any other remote location that does not have access to electricity. If you look at the cost of paying a professional to install a pre-made solar power system, learning how to make a solar panel system yourself can be done for a fraction of the cost of a retail system. You will also have more control over the size and layout of your system if you learn how to build the panels yourself. No pushy salesman to contend with and you determine whether you need more power or you have enough. The best part is, you can start small and add more panels as you need them, or as your wallet dictates.

What Can Installing Energy-Efficient Windows Do for My Home?

If you live in an older building or simply haven't replaced your windows in a number of years, chances are window technology has improved greatly since your windows were installed. Your windows might also have deteriorated over time; the frames might be cracked or broken, or certain windows might have gone off-track. Installing new, energy-efficient windows is one of the most rewarding home upgrades, because you'll see an immediate improvement in both the comfort of your home and what you're paying in heating and cooling bills. You'll also see the world outside more clearly through new, beautiful glass.

Window Panes

Most old windows are made from uninsulated single panes of glass, whereas new, energy-efficient windows are insulated and may have two or three panes. That additional glass and insulation will help you with temperature regulation inside, keeping you warm in the winter and cold in the summer by reducing heat transfer.

How Solar Energy Systems Work and How They Benefit You

All around the world and especially in the US, people are adopting lifestyles that benefit the earth by limiting chemical use, power use, and just all around choosing to "go green". One of the ways that people are changing their lifestyles is by using alternative forms of energy that save money. Today you can learn how systems fueled by solar energy can be useful in your own household. Utility expenses will dramatically decrease and you'll be able to save big time. You will also have peace of mind from knowing that your lifestyle is benefiting your environment and health by utilizing natural resources.

If you are wondering what solar energy is and how it works, here's your chance to find out. This type of energy basically comes from the sun. Yes, the same yellow fire ball that sits up in the sky shining down on us all can be used as a source of energy right inside your own home. Of course the sun is used for more than just providing beautiful days outdoors. Today there are different sun fueled systems that you can choose from for your house that will effectively run the daily activities of your home in a more cost effective manner.

Home Insulation: Improving Your Energy Efficiency

Even homeowners who think they have all the home insulation they need may be surprised at how inefficient their houses are when it comes to conserving energy. Make no mistake about it, concerning yourself with energy efficiency isn't just for tree huggers. If you want to avoid spending a fortune on your electrical bill, get money back from the government for meeting certain standards, and generally improve on the temperature of your home, it is something you should strongly consider. Here are some tips to help you get your home well insulated.

Determine Where You Are
Do you have home insulation already? If not, you'll be starting from scratch and you can make a dramatic change in how energy efficient your house is. A house without any insulating properties is leaking much of its air conditioning and heating. Not to mention what it is letting in from the outside.

How To Buy Solar Panels Intelligently

Why do we buy solar panels? With a higher demand for new methods to generate power without scathing the environment, sun technology has achieved a "position in the spotlight."

Sunlight-made energy collects sunlight through solar panels, or photovoltaic devices, and transfigures that light into energy that can be properly used by building-users and owners.

Solar energy is possibly the most sensible choice for a reservoir of renewable energy. With incentives offered by the government of the state, the lowered rate of PV panels, and the enhanced efficiency of sun panels, yielding solar energy today is less pricey than before.

Sunlight Electrical Systems

An Overview Of Revolutionary Insulation Products

Revolutionary insulation materials for buildings come in a wide variety of forms. Through the use of advanced manufacturing techniques, manufacturers of insulation have developed completely new products based upon existing scientific theories. Some of these materials are made through the use of newly developed chemicals, but others utilize new techniques of combining existing materials to create effects found to be desirable within the construction industry.

Vacuum sealed glass for instance is capable of stopping the primary processes through which heat can be transferred. This revolutionary effect creates incomparable results ordinary glass does not even come close to achieving. In fact, the effects created by this glass create an effect that is likened to that of a brick wall due to its outstanding ability to stop the transfer of heat.

Technology Is Getting Smarter In The Home

Technology is gradually getting smarter in the home, and this can only be a good thing. One of the major improvements is that gadgets will be able to communicate with each other in order to perform a greater number of tasks. These gadgets will do this by communicating through home networks, or through the internet.

Nowadays, a smart house is one which is considered to be networked. It is designed to make life easier for the occupants. This can mean that they will have less to do around the home. More and more new appliances are becoming smart. These especially include appliances for the living room and the kitchen.

Appliances where this can be especially useful include refrigerators which can tell you exactly what the contents are, and how they can be used, as well as their sell-by dates. These refrigerators are so smart they can download recipes and display them. They will even be able to order new groceries whenever they are needed.

The Right Lighting Systems Can Make A Real Difference To Your Home

If you stop to think for a second, then you'll realize light is an essential part of modern day living, but although a necessity most individuals try to illuminate homes in the most attractive way possible. A properly designed light system can make all the difference. It can make an ordinary home look a lot more luxurious, and even more spacious.

Modern systems allow the degree of lighting to be precisely controlled. A typical living room may contain four different types of lights including those on the walls and ceiling, as well as table lamps and standard lamps. Being able to set each lamp at precisely the right level can really set the mood.

For example, if you like to watch television then you may want the room to be a little darker than if you are reading a magazine or book. If you are entertaining then you may well want another level of illumination which will make your home feel warm and welcoming.

Are You Ready to Consider Greener and Easier Ways to Reduce Energy Costs?


Here are some ideas that are low cost or no cost at all

• Install a programmable thermostat to lower utility bills and manage your heating and cooling systems efficiently.

• Air dry dishes instead of using your dishwasher are drying cycle.

• Turn things off when you are not in the room such as lights, TVs, entertainment systems, and your computer and monitor.

The Benefits of an Energy Audit

With so much focus being placed on becoming a greener society, you may have decided to start contributing and making some improvements to your home that will reduce the amount of electricity that is being used and wasted. In addition to installing energy efficient appliances and thermostats all throughout your home, you may still be looking for ways to reduce your electricity usage. Maybe your bills haven't decreased as much as you have hoped, or you've noticed that your utilities usage is still coming in a little higher than expected. When you start to suspect that your green home renovation is not going as well as planned, it is time for you to have an energy audit.

Having an energy audit periodically can save you from making a lot of unnecessary mistakes when it comes to renovating your home. It can also save you from purchasing a ton of unnecessary appliances and equipment. You should consider it if you want to know exactly what is causing your utility bills to remain high and keeping your home from having a comfortable environment.